Choosing a battery for pc: how to go about it?

Nowadays, computing is at the center of the world. Because of this, laptops are passports for your personal development. In addition, to make it pleasant and easy to use the pc, the batteries for pc have been designed. So, how to go about choosing a battery for pc? Details.

Battery voltage

The first criterion for choosing a battery for pc is the battery voltage. The voltage of a PC is written in voltage on the signal sticker of the battery. Each computer is armed with a 10.8 volt or 14.4 volt battery depending on its energy needs that will be provided by a adapter for laptop asus. The battery has several cells that make up its energy source. Similarly, the 10.8 v batteries have 6 cells and the 14.4 v batteries have 8 cells. In addition, the voltage of a battery is proportional to the number of cells it contains, i.e. the greater the number of cells, the higher the voltage. In addition, the installation of a battery of lower voltage to a computer of higher voltage or vice versa will prevent the operation of the pc.

battery capacity

The capacity of the battery is also one of the parameters to take into account for its choice. Speaking of capacity, we refer to the autonomy of a battery. The autonomy of a battery allows its user to work at any time and from the place of his choice. It is expressed in watts hour (Wh) or milliampere hours (mAh). The ability of the battery to hold the charge depends on its time. Standard batteries have a capacity of 48 Wh or an autonomy of about 2 hours. It is possible to increase the capacity of the battery by increasing the number of cells of the battery in order to meet your energy needs.

Battery weight

The weight of the battery is a criterion to check. There are different types of batteries for pc but the weight of the battery depends on the number of cells that constitute it. Frequently used batteries usually contain 6 cells of 10.8 v. However, the possibility of increasing the battery capacity is not without risk. The more cells in a battery increases, the larger the battery and the weight of the battery. So it is important to pay attention to the weights and size of a battery, because a battery for pc must above all correspond to the needs of the computer itself in question.