How do you maintain the toilets in your home?

Was the toilet in your house cleaned a while ago? Is it a chore for you to do so? As you know, this area of your home needs to be kept clean. Don't you know that? Find out in this article, why you need to clean your toilet and some tips to make this task easier.

Why clean the toilet?

It is mandatory to clean the toilet, because it is a real nest of microbes, bacteria and germs harmful to health. Admittedly, this is not a glamorous task, but there are helpful hints to get it right. Cleaning the toilet preserves your health from potential illness and infection. It prevents bad smells in rooms near the toilet.

Some tips for cleaning toilets

Did you know that bicarbonate can help you clean toilets? It cleans bowls well. Just pour half a glass of it into the bottom of the toilet and add a little white vinegar. Then let the mixture sit for a while and scrub. You can also use vinegar or bicarbonate alone. Also, with Coca-Cola or soda, you can get a clean toilet. On the other hand, you can use soda crystals. Mix it with boiling water. Pour the mixture into the toilet and scrub. But remember to wear gloves before handling the soda crystals. For scaling, use percarbonate, hydrochloric acid, a mixture of coarse salt and white vinegar or citric acid. You can also use hot vinegar or descaler for coffee machines. But for the latter, you must first completely empty the water from the bowl. You can also make homemade tablets and leave them at the bottom of the toilet bowl. They unclog the pipes and make your toilet smell nice. You can also leave an oyster shell at the bottom of the bowl. They prevent limescale from settling directly into your toilet.