How to choose a faucet?

To allow water to flow out in kitchens and other areas, you need a faucet. How to choose a faucet? Let's discover some tips 

Faucets for sinks, basins or pools

In the kitchen, you can find sinks equipped with a mixing faucet, which consists of an elongated overall body ending with a spout through which water flows. For more info, we are available. It is usually equipped with a bead or a perlator with one or two handles. The perlator is a nozzle attached to the spout of the faucet that injects tiny bubbles into the flowing water, reducing the flow rate of a standard faucet by 30 to 70% without causing any inconvenience. This makes it a cost-effective way to reduce water consumption and therefore water bills. There are two types of faucets: faucets and diverters.

Mixing Faucets

This faucet belongs to the category of old-fashioned faucets, suitable for lovers of retro fashion. The faucet has two handles - a left handle for hot water (red dot) and a right handle for cold water (cold dot). You can reach the desired temperature by pressing both buttons at the same time, but you can not reach the desired temperature at the same time. This method results in excessive water consumption.

Mixing faucet

If you want a more modern faucet, choose a faucet (or single-lever faucet) that operates with a single lever that regulates the temperature and flow of water. The handle can be tilted vertically to adjust the water flow: high, medium or low. The horizontal tilt adjusts the water temperature: hot, cold or warm. A mixing faucet is the solution to get heat at the right water temperature with an adjustable water flow. This technology reduces the risk of scalding, as it can be equipped with a temperature regulator.

Push button faucet

This type is suitable for a modern, design and functional space. It can be equipped with flow control, temperature control, flow time and even a backlight button. It is an efficient faucet that saves up to 60% of water because it lets the water run for 5 to 20 seconds, no more, which prevents water loss, and because it has an automatic and programmable shut-off function. They are usually made of chrome.