How to install a deck ?

A deck is the interior courtyard of a house that is intended to be used as a place to receive guests or to relax. It is called a deck in many regions. The deck can be installed either by yourself if you have the necessary tools, or by a professional in the field. How do you go about installing a deck? Discover some methods in this article.

Preparing the ground

This step is undoubtedly the first, it takes into account the preparation of the structure and the foundation. It allows you to define the total area that the deck will occupy. Next, you need to determine the location of the concrete support blocks and dig holes at each location that are large enough to hold the blocks. The holes should be compacted and the support blocks inserted after pouring stone dust into the holes. If you want to be accompanied by the professionals, look these up

The ledge and ledge joists should be screwed to the concrete blocks so that the boards of the structure can be easily installed. Also consider doubling the rim joists with the boards for added strength. To do this, install a solid board in the middle of the perimeter that will be parallel to the end joists placed on the support blocks. The stones should be spread out after pouring them inside the perimeter. Then you prepare the ground. Get rid of any weeds that will get in the way.

Installation of the upper bearing

At this stage, you must attach a structural board to the wall of the house, making sure it is straight. You then anchor the board to the building while nailing the concrete anchors into the joist partially. Use a wrench to secure the anchors. Next, form a second square while using the edge and contour joists. 

This last square must be raised above the one that is fixed to the ground. Finally, the installation of the pergola requires support posts. You must use the posts to form the side edges of the pergola with wooden boards.