How to strengthen unity in the European Union?

In order to achieve regional integration, the states of the world are joining together to create economic organisations. These organisations are created in areas of the same continent or even take into account a whole continent. This is the case of the European Union. This organisation was created in Europe to strengthen the links between the member countries. Unfortunately, there are disagreements between the member countries. This article offers some solutions to strengthen the unity within this organisation.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

For there to be greater unity in Europe, the major powers will have to avoid conflicts of interest. Similarly, there must be additional resources. Indeed, the great nations such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Russia are in full political competition. These countries are competing on all fronts. They seek to impose themselves and to win all the markets on the continent. Thus, division has entered this union and the smaller countries have chosen their parties. As a result, the objectives of creating this union are no longer achieved and unity disappears.

Respecting the statutes of this organisation

The development of a group depends on the respect of the tests in force. For example, all European countries must comply with the charter of this organisation. There should be no more favouritism in the application of the tests in force. As soon as a country no longer complies with the laws of the European Union, sanctions must be applied.

Strengthening cooperation

For there to be unity in the EU, there must be cooperation between the member states. In fact, not all member states have the same purchasing power. Some states are very strong economically while others are not. To this end, the richer countries must come to the aid of the poorer countries. The aid needed by the poorest countries must be provided by the major powers.

Furthermore, the EU should think about removing customs barriers within the member countries. This will ensure a smooth flow of goods and people within the organisation.