Some ways to prevent your cat from running away

For many reasons, cats are pets that like to run away a lot. This situation is detrimental to their well-being and seems unbearable for their owners. However, there are tips to prevent them from running away. So what are the methods to prevent a cat from running away? Here are some tips to help you keep your purchases at home. 

Sterilising the cat

The primary reason cats run away is to satisfy their reproductive needs. This cause is instinctive and therefore linked to all cats. Go to this site to find out all the possible information. Therefore, in order to prevent your cat from running away to other places to satisfy this desire, it is important to sterilise it. Sterilisation should take place when your cat is 6 or at most 8 months old. This will make the cat more domesticated. Because it no longer has any reason to run away. This prevents the owner from going out uncontrolled and from all the diseases that result from this.

Fencing the cat's living space

This is a security and protection measure that seems very effective in preventing a young cat from running away. Indeed, thanks to this fence, it becomes impossible for the cat to leave its area to go roaming anywhere. It is important to choose an anti-fugue fence that is exclusively for cats.

There are generally two types of anti-fugue fences: the electronic fence and the pivoting anti-fugue bar. All these fences have the particularity of dissuading the cat from crossing the boundaries of its home.

Be vigilant in the early days of the move

As with humans, moving house can be difficult for a cat. It is therefore essential not to change too much about your cat's old home. For example, you should keep his toys, his bowls and his basket. This will allow him to adapt quickly to his new environment and therefore not to seek comfort elsewhere.

Similarly, it is recommended that you place an electronic identification chip on the cat. This will enable you to locate your cat quickly and find it if it gets lost.

In short, there are several methods of keeping your cat at home. In this way, the cat is protected against problems related to running away.