Top 3 most listened songs

To live unique sensations, music is one of the best solutions. It puts a smile on your face, gives you hope and is a source of motivation for some. Nowadays, many people are wondering which are the best and most listened songs. It is presented to you in this article, a top 3 most listened to songs.

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

The year 2020 has been a year of twists and turns both in health and in the music world. The song that stole this top 1 is Blinding Lights. This music is a gem from artist The Weeknd. The artist has not taken kindly to the fact that he was not nominated for a Grammy Award. However, he holds the rank of the fourth most listened to artist on Spotify of the year 2020. His song Blinding Lights has touched the hearts of many. It recorded 1, 6 billion listens in 2020.

Dance Monkey Tones And I

The track Dance Monkey has appealed to many people around the world. This song with a simple and punchy chorus has been listened to since its release in 2019 over 2 billion times. One of the things that caught everyone's attention was the revelation of the Shazam app. According to the proponents of this app, the song Dance Monkey has been searched more than 36.6 million. Referring to this statistic, this would be the first time a song has been searched on Shazam. Just a first.

The Box by Roddy Ricch

The song that occupies this top 3 is the track The Box by artist Roddy Ricch. This sound has been a remarkable success thanks to the TikTok app. This application you certainly already know it, because it is one of the applications of the moment. The artist Roddy Ricch's song The Box has reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States, and Apple Music has named it the song of the year.