Why is it necessary to visit Tulum?

Do you dream of visiting Mexico? You did not know where to go? 1....2.....3...boom the solution is in this article: Tulum, the most popular destination of the Yucatan Peninsula. Let's discover together why you should spend your vacations in Tulum.

The Mayan archeological site of Tulum

Very often, Tulum is one of the stages registered in an itinerary in Yucatan. Whether you travel by car or by bus, it is very easy to get there. However, before going into detail about what to see or do, some practical information may be useful. Indeed, in order to plan your trip and integrate the visit in this region, there are things to take into account. That's why we invite you to visit https://visitax.eu/ . Therefore, if you like cultural visits, it is clearly a site to go see during your stay. With its beach, the Mayan archeological site is a place of major cultural interest. If you ask a local or a guide about places to visit, this will undoubtedly be the first or second answer that will come out of his mouth. Paradoxically, while Mayan sites are often in the middle of a dense forest, this one has the particularity of being by the sea. Even if they are not the most imposing ruins, they are unique and different. On the other hand, this site is so visited. For this reason, to avoid the crowds and enjoy it fully, it is recommended to go there early in the morning, at the opening. Note that below the ruins, there is a beautiful beach. Surely one of the most wonderful. However, it is possible to swim depending on the time of the year. For that, think of taking your bathing suit and your towel.

Swimming with turtles in Akumal

Tulum has been a very popular destination for the past few years. Indeed, the city is full of beautiful places to visit. The nightlife is explosive and there is much to see in the area. Nature lovers, history lovers, you will be delighted to swim with turtles. In this regard, Akumal is located north of Tulum. Indeed, Akumal is known for its bay where many sea turtles are found. For this purpose, in the bay of Akumal, you can observe several turtles a few meters from the sand. And this activity is totally free. You just have to bring your snorkeling equipment and you will enjoy swimming. Note that you can rent this equipment on site, but it would be quite expensive. Buying your own mask and snorkel will be much more economical, as you will be able to use it elsewhere. For further information, the best time to go to Tulum is between November and April. Also, the Tulum area has even fewer big hotels, which makes it different from the rest of the Riviera Maya. So, what are you waiting for to direct your vacation plans to this paradise region?