Why should you use a software for your customer service?

Providing exceptional service might be a challenge, especially if your customer service routine mostly involves replying to messages or keeping records of emails. That being said, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools so as to provide a high level of customer service—and that is where the use of software intervenes. In fact, with customer service software, you can set up automatic processes that will help you improve the efficiency of your services. Let's have a quick look at other benefits of using software for your customer service.

Keep track of every customer's request

Let's be true: every problem coming from your customers can't be solved immediately. Actually, your customers don't even expect that from you; what they are expecting is you to know them enough. As handling requests for customer services is like going through the cracks, you may lose count of those that have not been answered if you do not keep good track of their requests.
That said, you will definitely need a Customer Service Software to help you streamline any inquiries from your customers. For example, with a customer service software, you can tell your customers that you have successfully received their request and that you are working to solve it. Thus, a specific reference number shall be assigned to each inquiry on an automatic basis. This method easily help you find the request or information about previous communications and pending issues.

Save time and automate your customer service

Speed is of great importance when it comes to providing high quality customer service. And as you may already guess, one of the benefits of using customer service software is the ability to upload and take advantage of pre-written email templates. Actually, this helps you to save time and respond as quickly as possible. You can simply choose a template-based reply, personalize it and insert it in an email rather than typing the whole message.
In addition, keeping a list of created templates is an efficient practice for customer service agents. However, every agent has its own tone of writing or speaking. So, by using templates within a customer service software, you have to make sure all answers are written well and have an identical tone, which will ultimately result in quick and top-quality responses.

Keep all customers' information in a secure database

Customers do not like being kept on hold.  And some of the reasons why customers are kept on hold is that a customer support agent is looking for information about the client profile, his previous communication history and complaints. So, if you do not have access to this information, you will have to go back to the customer-asking that same old questions to the customer, which results in even more frustration. 
Having a customer service software help you keep the requirements about a customer, so that every time they call or send an email you already have the whole picture of their profile. You may even integrate your customer service software into your CRM system to make the latter more efficient. That way, you and other departments of your company will have an overview of the customer profile and business relationship including sales, marketing and other services.
At the end of the day, if one of your support agents is not available, another agent will continue to deal with any pending requests.